Case Study: Nothing Better Than a Cozy Teddy

  • Mar 27, 2024

Description: Plush Big Paw Bear with Shirt

Industry: Insurance

What it was purchased for: Insurance is a product/service that most end-users or targets do not like to talk about. It is a necessary evil for most people. To most people, this means that they need to spend money for insurance on what they may never get a return on their investment. In general, Plush is an instant gratification category. Give someone a teddy bear and you will see that it puts a smile on anyone’s face immediately. OR, long enough to break the ice to chat about the service, in this case, insurance, that a company is trying to sell to customers.

How it was distributed: The referral process is huge in the insurance agency. So this top 5 Insurance Company gives away a set of teddy bears on the day of signing the documents for whatever insurance plan that a family signs up for. Walk into any branch location, sign up for the New Homeowner’s policy and receive a free teddy bear, hence softening the perception of insurance and most importantly putting a smile on the face of the new policyholder.

Result or ROI: The Franchisee offices continue to reorder the teddy bear because insurance is a very tough sell in today’s world, and new customers are walking out with a smile on their faces. The gifts have enabled the agents to build a rapport and work on future referrals. Now they are not just the insurance agent but leave customers with a positive image and a feeling of friendship.

Source: Hit Promo